NCOFCU's Vision

Our collaborative vision is to educate, create and maintain a climate of safety, soundness, innovation and unity among firefighter credit unions in order to promote and enhance the initiatives of the credit union movement..

Michael R. Tobler
Chairman's Letter 6-2014


Membership Mission

Your affiliation with NCOFCU offers a unique opportunity for you to influence and shape the firefighter credit union movement. NCOFCU promotes education, collaboration, personal and professional growth of its members as well as collectively articulating concerns and advocating resources to improve firefighter credit unions and the credit union vision..

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IWS began offering Vehicle Service Agreements (VSA) and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (VSA) to credit unions in 1991. As administrator and obligor, IWS has complete control over the claims and underwriting policies and procedures. This allows IWS to ensure claims are adjudicated in a manner consistent with our mission statement, People first, products that work. IWS prides itself on superior service to credit unions before and after the sale.

Why IWS?  IWS is a NCOFCU Preferred Provider

Your credit union and its members will benefit from over 20 years of IWS’ proven track record of delivering results, customized training programs, quality product offerings, innovative technology development and continuous process improvement.

As a credit union focused organization, IWS supports your credit union’s mission statement with our own, People first, products that work. We protect the member’s long term financial stability by providing affordable, high quality vehicle protection plans and provide experience and service standards that ensures your members and staff are dealing with a best-in-class organization.

Our partnership will enable your credit union to meet its long term lending, income and sales development goals. IWS program benefits include:

  • Multiple VSA product line income – from automobiles to Powersport vehicles
  • Committed focus on loan products and performance
  • Credit union specific VSA experience and results
  • Establishment of processes and procedures designed to facilitate sales/decrease inefficiencies
  • Assistance with any necessary cultural change, empowerment or improvement development processes
  • Continuous and proactive vs. sporadic and reactive training
  • IWSQuote a user friendly sales technology with integration capabilities to Symitar, MeridianLink and others
  • Performance bonuses for success – regardless of claims activity, cancellations and portfolio experience

Contact our IWS representative,

Doug Daniel  National Sales Manager

5901 Broken Sound Parkway NW  Suite 400

Boca Raton, FL 33487



800-333-3028 Ext 7063

Cell 954-649-0256


NCOFCU 2013 Conference

CU24 operates the largest credit union-owned ATM and POS network, including access to more than 70,000 surcharge-free ATMs, and a range of payment services that can be tailored to meet the objectives of individual credit unions to help them compete in a dynamic financial services industry.
For more information contact;

2120 Killarney Way
Tallahassee, FL  32309
Anthony Mondello, Regional Sales Manager 
Marsha Earle, Relationship Manager


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A NCOFCU Preferred Provider!

Vining Sparks is pleased to introduce you to its products and services designed specifically for credit union portfolios. As a national leader in executing fixed income securities transactions, Vining Sparks is uniquely qualified to provide credit union portfolio managers with opportunities to better meet their stated objectives. Our approach to successful investing combines strategic support services with broad trading capabilities. An overview of our services for credit unions is presented below:

  • Vining Sparks is one of the world’s top 20 underwriters of newly issued debt by agencies of the U.S. Government. As such, we can structure deals specifically for you or let you know as new deals come to market.
  • As a regional dealer, we have “one call access” to a wide array of primary dealer and regional inventories (including those you don’t regularly deal with). Our active trading desk is staffed by twenty-five trading professionals and even though we have our own inventory totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, we are not limited to just our own inventory.
  • Loan Trading helps investors manage their loan portfolios (Commercial, Residential, and Consumer loans) through strategic loan sales or acquisitions. This large segment of the balance sheet can now be a source of liquidity, and loan sales can also help institutions manage interest rate and credit risk in their loan portfolios. Loan acquisitions can offset low loan demand and augment growth strategies.
  • Our Performance Profile contains an executive summary of your credit union’s portfolio performance, asset/liability risk position, national/local peer group comparison, portfolio characteristics and cash flow ladder including color charts and graphs with recommendations. Overheads can be provided to assist in presenting to your Investment Committee.
  • Through an in-house proprietary system, we can provide monthly pricing for virtually all fixed income securities. This system utilizes a variety of electronic pricing services and then selects the best source for each market sector and sector type. This approach is more accurate than using a single pricing source or a pricing matrix.
  • Another Vining Sparks’ proprietary system compares your holdings to specific securities which pass through our inventory. When “matches” are noted, you are notified of the opportunity to “add on” to your current position. This is especially helpful to portfolio managers who wish to limit the number of securities owned.
  • Investors in securities with embedded options such as callable debt and mortgage-related securities will find our VPORT system helpful. This in-house system provides three services to assist in the regular management of these securities: 1) immediate notification of called securities by daily electronic monitoring; 2) predicted call dates updated regularly based on the current Treasury curve and newly issued security levels; and 3) five-year, month-by-month projection of cash flows based on predicted calls and projected prepayment speeds on amortizing securities. This system is also used to produce the Performance Profile mentioned above.

Lee Chandler

Senior Vice President

Office 800-786-1245, Cell 970-445-8410

Lee began his career in investments by joining Vining Sparks as a licensed representative in 1991.  Lee has worked extensively with credit unions, providing tools such as asset liability models, scenario cash flow models, as well as on-site board education.  He is a frequent speaker at credit union conferences and makes regular board appearances for many of his clients. He graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1988 with a degree in business.  Lee is based in Vining Sparks’ Breckenridge, Colorado office.  Vining Sparks is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, and has offices throughout the United States and an international office in London.  The firm has over 300 employees in cities across the United States.  It has over 4,400 active customers which include depository institutions, insurance companies, and money managers.  The firm also ranks in the top 20 underwriters of new U.S. Agency debt.  Member FINRA/SIPC.


CO-OP Financial Services

About CO-OP

CO-OP Network, owned by CO-OP Financial Services, was created by credit unions, for the benefit of credit unions and their members.

As our name suggests, we're a cooperative organization that allows individual credit unions to share the kind of innovative tools and expertise that used to be offered only by large national banks. This means capabilities such as a 24/7 link to your account, mobile and online banking, and the largest credit union-only network of surcharge-free ATMs.

We're here to support our member credit unions' personal service with the access, convenience and connection you deserve from the financial institution you rely on.

CO-OP Financial Services

9692 Haven Avenue

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Of you. For you. |

Luisa Lora


Robert Shepard / Guest Speaker

National Sales Manager - FSCC, LLC                          

T 888/372.2669 x1234

F 909-542-3432

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